Our ever-popular YSG is the foundation for both good health and of all further Taiji practice. We use it to let you feel and build up qi in the body effectively and safely. All this is done in accordance to Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts of the Body combined with the modern understanding that the Body is made up of Cells. It is also the foundation for all future Taiji interests such as healing and advanced defence. The course includes:

  1. Good alignment and posture
  1. Deep Relaxation
  1. Flowing Qi in the 12 Meridian Lines (essential energy channels)
  1. Qi exercises for Major Internal Organs (Heart, Lungs, Pancreas, Spleen, Liver, Stomach, Intestines, Colon and Bladder).
  1. Qi massage for major acu-points
  1. Activating the Dan Tien (Energy Bank)
  1. Flexibility in major Joints


Proper and regular Taiji Yang Sheng Gong practice increases energy level, combats fatigue and reduces physical stress. Most students also report increase in immunity. It can also be used as a safe and effective supplement to medical treatment for various conditions. In certain cases students share that they use Yang Shen Gong and Taiji practice as primary treatment for their conditions.

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