Nam Wah Taijigong Singapore

Taijigong Singapore is headed by Grandmaster Sim Pho Kok, Vice Head of Nam Wah Taiji Gong worldwide. He is 9th Dan disciple of Grandmaster Sim Pooh Ho. He is a Traditional Chinese Medicine physician (Orthopedics) by profession. He runs his own clinic together with his son Sim Pern Yuan (Taijigong 6th Dan Master) .

The Head of Teaching (usually called Chief Instructor) in Singapore is Master Sim Pern Yiau (6th Dan). He has been teaching Taijigong professionally since July 2004, first as assistant and later as Master teacher (since 2009).

Under the guidances of the 2 Grandmasters and Asia-pacific Chief Instructor Cheng Chia Chun, as well as constant inputs from his team of dedicated instructors and disciples, Sim Pern Yiau has evolved a system that is easy and effective for the beginner, and content-rich for the serious practitioner. Our strengths include:

  1. Effective in both English and Chinese
  2. Ability to impart traditional qigong with modern teaching
  3. Ability to simplify difficult or abstract qi-concepts
  4. Systematic, step-by-step guidance

The current team under Shifu Pern Yiau:

John Yeo (Senior Instructor)

Chan Chee Foong (Instructor)

Wang Luan Keng (Instructor)

Karen Jordan Heng (Instructor)

Chang Sher Shen (Assisting Instructor)

Lam Lian Heng (Assisting Instructor)

Doris Cen (Assisting Instructor)

Jason Woolley (Assisting Instructor)

Konrad Schwimmbeck (Instructor for Germany)

Line Bjornaas (Instructor for Norway)

Our regular classes are conducted in the wonderful environs of The Singapore Botanic Gardens (Thank You SBG and Nparks team!) but we also give private classes at other locations, on request.

To ensure quality teaching and a certain level of attention to each student, we only open classes at most twice a year. Please use the email link below to join our mailing list.