Yang Sheng Gong 养生功

Our ever-popular YSG is the foundation for good health and all deeper Taiji practice. We use it to let you feel and build up qi in the body and give you a simple, safe and effective starter course for your daily health maintenance.

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What is TaijiGong (太极功)?

It is an ancient Chinese system of exercise that trains the body in totality. Normal exercise works only on your muscles, stamina and blood circulation. But Taiji Gong relaxes and energizes the whole body including one’s organs, cells, bones, joints and meridian lines. It also focuses and relaxes the mind. Also, Taijigong is not just a physical system, but encompasses health, to self-defense to mental cultivation.

Taijigong is the art of practicing the above through understanding Yin, Yang and the Whole.

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